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Please note: in accordance with government guidelines we have suspended all activities until further notice. See the homepage for more details.


Something On Sunday

Last month we worked on our 'bookshelf' display of Bible books and did two stories from the Old Testament: Esther and Naaman. We made little books of Esther's exciting story. This month we'll aim to finish our 'bookshelf' and further explore the story of Naaman.

Saturday Club

Last month we played a variety of active games. This month it's games again, but different ones. In April's club, we plan to make something for Easter.

Last Month

A representative from the Society for the Distribution of Hebrew Scriptures took one of our mid-week meetings last month. He had encouraging accounts of the welcome given to copies of the Bible in Hebrew by people of Jewish heritage in London. The Society operates throughout the world, offering Jewish people bi-lingual copies of the Bible in both their mother tongue and Hebrew, their cultural language, giving them an opportunity to consider the claims of Jesus to be the Messiah.

Bible Study

We've been supplementing our own discussions on the book of Ephesians with a DVD of excellent teaching on 'Spiritual Warfare'. All welcome on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm.

Sunday 15th March

There will be no SOS or Breaking of Bread on Sunday 15th March. The Afternoon Service will continue as usual.

Stonelands Project

In spite of the wet and windy weather, building work is making progress at Stonelands, the new residential centre for Caz and Josh's Christian farm project near Niton. Already they are providing young people with family hospitality, and work experience in horticulture. Once the house is built, they will be able to accommodate live-in students. One of their aims is 'to see young people who have become disengaged or struggling with things, rediscover hope and purpose through agricultural work, one-on-one time, and mentoring.' They 'long for young people who don't know the good news of Jesus to hear it and be inspired by it.'

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Thought for the Month - An Old Tourist Attraction

Tourists to the West Wight in the 19th century used to gape in astonishment at the foolhardy antics of some of the local residents.

Clarke was describing how some of the more daring inhabitants used to descend the chalk cliffs to raid the nests of the seabirds, crowded on the ledges and in the crevices. The nests of the eider ducks were particularly appreciated, as they provided feather-down for bedding as well as eggs for food.

Clarke went on to recount an episode he'd heard about. One of these egg-collectors had descended an over-hanging cliff and swung himself into a recess. Finding his footing, he neglected to hang on to the rope. It swung away from him, and then continued to swing backwards and forwards. With every swing, it retreated a little further from where he clung.

The egg-collector had no time for delay or postponement. He had to reach out and grasp the opportunity to save his life, before the rope swung for ever out of reach. The Bible reminds us of the urgency of grasping God's offer of salvation and life, before it's too late and the opportunity has gone for ever. 'Now is the day of salvation' (2 Corinthians 6:2).


Prayer points

Please pray for:

  • for Rachel, Tom, Aimee and Ben and Brian and Christine, as they attend the Transformers reunion on Saturday 7th; for safe travel; for God's blessing on all the campers who attend
  • for Andrew and Debbie's visit to family in the UK, with thanks to the Lord for the renewal of their Turkey residence permits at just the right time
  • for God's guidance as we plan for Easter and prepare our Easter outreach leaflets

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